VPN, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, is a service which permits you to go around any restrictions based on country that websites or online services may have. Using this service, your Internet connection goes through a third-party server, so you connect only to it and each and every site you open is accessed using the hosting machine IP address, making it a proxy. Because your authentic Ip address or location are never revealed, using a VPN will also boost your security when you access any content on the Internet since it will appear that the VPN server is the one opening a site, for instance, and not you directly. In this way you could access content that's restricted either by the provider that offers it or by your Internet provider. We provide VPN access through several locations worldwide as a part of all of our hosting plans and if your websites are accommodated on our hosting servers, you could take full advantage of this service without paying anything on top of the hosting fee.
VPN Traffic in Hosting
If you have a hosting account, for example, you will find a VPN section inside the Hepsia Cp that's used to take care of all shared accounts. You will find all of the info you need there - server hostname, login details and a list of the hosting server locations which you can use. We keep expanding the latter all the time, so with a few clicks you'll be able to access any online content from any location around the world - the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and so forth. With this free service you can use an encrypted connection to access social networks that are restricted in your country or streaming services that allow access only from certain countries and your authentic location shall never be disclosed since you aren't accessing anything directly. The filter that you shall find within the Virtual private network section of Hepsia will allow you to increase your browsing speed and to reduce the generated traffic by blocking any unwanted content like large images and ads.
VPN Traffic in Dedicated Servers Hosting
The VPN access is included with all Linux dedicated servers hosting set up with the state-of-the-art Hepsia Control panel and once your hosting server is set up and you log in, you willfind a section devoted to this service in which you could find the login details that you need as to be able to connect to our VPN system. This includes not just the username and the password, but also a long list of servers worldwide which you'll be able to use as an access point and make it appear as if you're in Europe, North America, etcetera. As all of your Internet traffic shall go through the server you've picked, we've also included a special filter in Hepsia, that you could activate if you would like to block ad banners and compress the other pictures on the websites you visit. In this way you will enjoy faster loading speeds and will save some traffic. Our Virtual private network service shall allow you to use any online content irrespective of if it is available only in selected countries or if your local Internet provider blocks it for some reasons.