If you get a new Linux hosting, it is generated on a server and the entire process typically takes a while, including the confirmation and processing of the fee, which most companies make manually. When you buy a dedicated server, for instance, the installation takes more time since the unit must be built, installed and tested in order to make sure that it'll work the right way. That's why, many suppliers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts spent on your new account. The charge, which sometimes is high, is usually not shown on the main page, but you will see it on the checkout or payment page, which means that you will not be aware of it before you have already gone through the entire signup process and you can even miss it if you do not pay attention.
Setup Fee in Hosting
Our hosting plans do not have any sort of setup fees or any other hidden charges by and large. If you order an account, we'll process your transaction right away and your account will be created and activated by our system instantly. The total price that you will have to pay for the hosting package will be identical all around - on our home, order & payment pages, and you won't find or be charged anything in addition to that price at any time. That is valid even when you order multiple accounts since it's our understanding that building trust is more important than receiving a couple of more dollars. The account activation will be instant, therefore you will be able to proceed and begin setting up your web sites straight away.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers Hosting
When you order a dedicated server from our company, we shall configure your machine totally free. The fee that you'll see and pay is exactly the same on our web site, on your payment page and on your bank statement, also the amount you'll pay through the registration will be the same as the one you will pay to renew your package in the future. We will supply a ready-to-use system, which is put together and tried, and which features all the needed software in advance - Operating System, web server, MySQL, FTP, as well as hosting Control Panel if you have selected one throughout the signup, yet all these tasks are done completely free. We can even move your data without additional cost when you get your dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel and you already have a regular shared hosting package from our company.