Using e-mail messages with your own personal domain is far more handy and also it'll provide you with more credibility as a firm when you get in touch with business partners. Such an email address does look much better if some visitor on your website contacts you through a reviews form and you need to answer. How quick it is to manage your e-mail correspondence is sometimes as important as the quality of the service, as some web hosting Control Panels make it quite difficult and time-consuming to do uncomplicated tasks like providing anti-spam security or forwarding your email messages. Because of this, you should select an e-mail service that will enable you to gain access to everything promptly and which will make the management of your e-mail messages quick and easy.
Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting
The Email Manager instrument that is part of our custom-made Hepsia Control Panel and that comes with all of our Linux hosting will provide you with full control of each aspect of your e-mail communication. With only a couple of clicks you'll be able to do whatever you need, from simple tasks such as creating/deleting a mailbox, forwarding e-mail messages or using anti-spam protection, to more advanced ones for example using e-mail lists or activating SPF protection for a certain domain name that you host in the account. All attributes are handily put together in one place and they are available through right-click context menus and quick access links using a really easy-to-use interface. Even if you've never had a web hosting account of yours before, you'll be able to manage your email messages efficiently and conveniently. Detailed how-to articles as well as training videos that are available in the Email Manager will guide you towards the most effective approach to do any type of task.